There are so many people in my life, and people whom I meet on a regular basis that live the TripleBraided mission and vision.  The vision of eating well, staying fit, and being happy.  People who put all the pieces together in a manageable fashion that matches the scope of their lives and where they are on their personal wellness journey.

One such person is my super cool, very awesome, hilarious, and all around good guy and brother, Andy Sieja!  He is not in a health related field, attorney actually, yet he makes it a part of his life to regularly be learning and trying new things related to his and to his family’s health.

I want to share some of the things I have witnessed as an example of:

1.       Some great ideas that may resonate with you.

2.       How living a well rounded healthy lifestyle looks different on everyone! 

He is a great example of commitment with moderation.  He never all of a sudden turned his life upside down trying to fit his eating and exercise habits into the latest craze, but he is open-minded and willing to try new things and commit to changes that he knows are valuable.

Andy exercises regularly.  He includes a mix of traditional “exercise” (hitting the gym…weights, cardio, etc.) as well as participating in active sports (ultimate Frisbee, swimming).  He fits it in where it works with his life and family.  The gym during his lunch hour, the Frisbee field on weekends with his family on sidelines, as well as some weeknights.

It’s not always easy or convenient, but he is committed and tenacious, has a supportive family (plug to his wife, parents, brother, sister J), and he just does it!  Of course the payoff is a strong healthy body that does what he needs it to do…empowering!

I think a few years ago his main forms of exercise were sports related, and as he continued in his sports he realized that the other traditional exercises would complement and enhance his sport.  That is when he began incorporating the gym and swimming into his regime.  He started with a couple days a week, and then began slowly over time increasing where it worked in his schedule and changing things up to keep it different, fun, challenging, and not boring.  Way to be!

Now for food!  Andy is such an adventurous eater when it comes to trying new things that have touted health benefits, and I think that is SO SUPER COOL!  Not only will he try stuff, he actually comes up with recipes and fixes the stuff!  Of course this isn’t everyone’s path to incorporating new and healthy foods into the mix, but it works for him and his family…and it benefits a lot of people around him too (myself included).

Understand also that it’s not just easier for him because he’s naturally a “healthy type”. He has made a lot of small changes/additions/subtractions over a period of time, and I think that is the key to making them stick.

Just to be sure y’all know I am keeping it real… take comfort in these tidbits:

Andy used to be a picky eater…it is not a life sentence!  He ate his taco salad in little piles, one pile at a time…cheese pile, lettuce pile, meat pile, chip pile…true story.

He also ate so many oranges during one phase of his childhood (I wanna say he was like 10) that he actually turned orange…I mean we could have beat Pinkalicious to the punch with “Orangalicious”.

Andy also LOVES beer, so much so, that he wrote an Ode to Beer…to the iambic pentameter or rhythm of Twas the Night Before Christmas.  It was hilarious!!!  It just goes to show there is room for beer AND kale!

Speaking of kale.  Andy has also become quite the backyard gardener.  And again, all of us peeps that he knows and loves are becoming rapid beneficiaries of his labor.  Not only does he share the produce, but he is also helping us with our own gardens.  This is yet another great all around health benefit because it is also exposing his children and nieces and nephew to home grown deliciousness.  And when kids grow their food, they are much more likely to eat it!

So not only does my sweet brother work on wellness in his own life, he also pays it forward.  And that is the message of TripleBraided Nutrition and Wellness!  We are ultimately so much more successful when we work together and when we balance all the pieces!

Have a great week…last week of school here in Huntsville Alabama!