So, as a dietitian, I get a lot of the same type of questions, and they all have much more complex answers than the question asker is hoping to get.  It would be nice if there was a standard, easy, simple answer to give everyone.  Now actually, as I think about it, the “answer” is generally pretty easy. 

For example:  Question: How do I lose 10 pounds?  Answer: Eat less, exercise more.

The tricky part is the way to put it into practice for all of us as individuals.  Unfortunately, my easy answer does not address what the question should truly ask, which is, “how do I lose 10 pounds and keep it off?”   That answer is more complex, and to maintain one of my goals in wellness which is also to ”be happy”, then the simple answer just doesn’t cut it!

My hope with this blog is that I can give some of these more complex answers in a way that makes it feasible and fun for you to design a lifetime wellness plan for yourself.  I want to portray the simple truths that will give you the necessary tools, wisdom, and faith to also adjust your own wellness plan and goals as you encounter the changes in your life that dictate it.