I’m not sure what the weather is looking like elsewhere in the country, but here in Alabama we straight up skipped spring and began hurtling head first into summer about 3 weeks ago.  I keep waiting for a cold spell to knock us back into reality, but I am beginning to doubt that will happen.   

So, about 10 minutes after dragging my whole family out to a noontime St. Patrick’s Day parade, I realized (too late) that we all definitely needed a douse of sunscreen on our winter white and pasty skin.  Especially since I picked the ONLY spot on the entire parade route that was completely devoid of any shade AND facing the sun!  But on the upside, we had a nice little patch of grass in a good piece of parade viewing real estate. 

I then proceeded to obsess (that may be a strong word for what I did J) over creating pieces of shade with toddler lawn chairs, a stroller, and a towel.  As well as covering random exposed body parts with hats, sunglasses, extra clothing…  Anyway, we all survived the hour and a half of sun exposure burn free, but all would have been easier had I remembered the sunscreen.

This brings me to my next point, and my sunscreen testimonial.  I am very fair skinned, blue-eyed, and the picture of a sunburn waiting to happen.  In fact, I have had way more sunburns than I can even begin to count, including an unfortunate bout with sun poisoning (Spring Break, 16 years old…bad news).  And I should inform you that, other than the sun poisoning event (overcast day, bad judgment), I always put on sunscreen.

However, I have not had a sunburn in 5 years, since I began my Arbonne business and started using their sunscreen.  None of my children have EVER had a sunburn either, and we live at the community pool (go Piranhas!) all summer, in a very HOT Alabama.  I think that is saying something!

Arbonne has fantastic products that do what they are supposed to do, and the sunscreen is no exception.  One of the things that sets Arbonne apart (and is why our sunscreen works so well) is the fact that this company was created 32 years ago specifically for the purposes of introducing safe skin care into the American marketplace.  Skin care that is botanically based and uses plant-based oils and high tech science for better and safer product absorption. They do this instead of using mineral oil and animal fats which because of the larger molecule size don’t absorb into our pores as well, and also come with unwanted harsh chemicals (that are banned from products in Europe) and hormones.

One of the common conversations that I have with potential customers regarding the sunscreen has to do with the SPF.  Both our baby sunscreen and our “adult” sunscreen have an SPF of 30.  This is an initial concern for some clients as they think they really need a 50 or 90 because they are so fair.  It has been my experience that the SPF 30 in Arbonne’s products is exceptionally sufficient, and by keeping it at 30 we are keeping the amount of chemical in the product to a much lower, and thereby safer level.   

I think that one of the reasons that the SPF 30 is sufficient in Arbonne’s products is because the lotion actually absorbs into the skin allowing the SPF to work.  Our baby sunscreen also has zinc oxide in it which provides an additional waterproof “barrier” to the sun’s harmful rays.  Sunscreens made from mineral oil don’t absorb, and so they rinse, wash, sweat off, as well as never fully protecting the skin with absorption in the first place.

I am passionate about sunscreen for obvious reasons…we all know the risks of sunburns (not to mention the pre-mature AGING and discoloration of our skin).  But I am also passionate about Arbonne because they have been doing the right thing with skin care and wellness products long before it was popular.  Arbonne is a great company, and I am proud to represent them.

Now go get yourself some self respecting sunscreen before you find yourself at an unseasonably hot, shade-less parade, facing the sun!

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