Julie has given me some more information related to my post from 12/28, and the suggestions that I gave her.  Read on for a little more on a detox plan as well!


Julie in Oregon:

Thanks! I know that sweets are my downfall….a couple of items that I have not mentioned: 


I take fiber supplements every morning (about an extra 8 grams). 

I take calcium (2x a day), vitamin c, d, a multi and fish oil. 


I will definitely look at my fiber and sodium intake….it can’t hurt. The computer shows my food fiber intake ranging from 17-33 grams on any given day. 


 I’m sure my cookies are more calorie laden than most….I’m a fiend! 


I have played with some whey protein shakes….we have found that (as a family) we prefer the protein in a bar or mixed with a nut butter. I’ve gotten a few useful recipes off the  blog: peasandthankyou   a fun vegan ditty. 


Got any cure for (ahem) GAS! I have the worst time with eggs and beans….and pretty much everything….no one is safe with me around! I use Beano but it only delays the problem. I’ve often tried to give up certain foods to see if my issues lessen, but have not found anything definitive. 


I will check out the detox stuff…I’ve often wondered if I could hack something like that given my blood sugar issues. 


Thanks for the super advice….I’ll see what I can tweak in the days to come. A cookie fast is likely to be in order (at least a CAP on consumption!). 


BTW-I just reviewed my sodium for the last few days….it ranged from 630-1800…only  once did it go to 2400. That was a day I had pickles with my lunch. 

I looked at the Arbonne stuff…how does the 30 day cleanse work? Do you only eat the products? Or are they a supplement to other foods? Also, they are really out of my price range….if I had to choose only a couple of items, what would you recommend? The metabolism boost? the protein powder? 



No, you definitely don’t only eat the Arbonne products!  It is pretty much a whole foods, clean eating, elimination diet in which you eliminate dairy, gluten, soy, processed and refined foods, caffeine, and alcohol for 30 days. 


The Arbonne products are just a good filler that I think complement that kind of diet nicely.  They are free of all the potential allergens and are vegan while providing necessary nutrients and good sources of protein and fat. 

The plan is intended as a detox and to isolate potential problem foods.  After the 30 days, you reintroduce, dairy, gluten, etc. one at a time and watch for problem symptoms/weight gain. 


I have a few favorite items, and given what I know about your diet I have a couple items that I believe would be a good fit for you.  In fact, I think that the ready made protein shakes in chocolate or vanilla would actually help with your blood sugar issues.


The Vanilla and/or Chocolate protein powder is number one.  It is very versatile, and is packed with good things, including vegan pea protein which I prefer to whey.  I am generally not a smoothie person, but have become an avid convert.  So many tasty shakes, and a great way to add in high antioxidant fruits or veggies in a simple, quick and tasty way (I add frozen berries to most everything!)  You can also use the powder to make great homemade protein bars (my favorite recipe includes honey, peanut butter and oats.  There are also some great recipes that really curb a sweet tooth!


We also have a product called digestion plus which has digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics.  It comes in little packets that you can sprinkle on food or mix with drinks.  It is awesome, and may be part of the solution to the gas (dairy could possibly be contributing too, and maybe your supplements if they are not breaking down properly).


There is an herbal detox tea that is tasty and promotes detox of liver and kidney.   I also just read a research study linking green tea at meals with greater satiety and fewer calories consumed compared to those folks not having the tea needed to eat more to feel satisfied.  Just one little study, but I was intrigued anyway.


I attached a form about “do I need to detox”.  I’m still learning about and researching  all the detox stuff, and reading everything I can on it.  It is an alternative therapy, and I believe there is definite value to it.  I am still trying to reconcile it with real life and real living, and how to incorporate detox’s in a way that doesn’t do emotional damage to certain people.  There are certain people that it could throw into a real dieting tailspin.


 So, for the purposes of my blog;  from a professional standpoint, I wouldn’t throw this plan to just anyone without doing an assessment first.  But for you, Julie, if it intrigues you, and you want to give it a go, I know that you would adjust it to fit, and not let it make you nuts!


There is also a 7 day cleanse that I think is a good way to start off the 30 days.  You mix the “drink” with 32 oz. of water and drink another 32 oz. plain each day.  It tastes like garbage to me (way to sell something huh), but the cleanse itself is super gentle, and a great physical and mental jumpstart J


Oh, and the price, Arbonne has a preferred client program where you receive 20% off of all your purchases plus other great benefits.  It’s $29 and you get that 20% off everything for a year plus a free product of your choice in first month with $120 purchase.  I can send more info if you are interested!