I am all about giving thanks, and I am also all about some good old fashioned pigging out.  But when the workload nullifies the enjoyment of the pigging out part, I call foul (no not fowl)! 

Personally, I would much rather serve a turkey dinner to people who need it, than to end my day with a stomach ache.  In fact, I tried to do that last year in hopes of teaching my children a valuable lesson while at the same time getting out of “having Thanksgiving”.  It didn’t quite work out that way since the Rescue Mission serves Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday.  So last year,  I had the privilege of both!  

In all seriousness though,  of course it is a huge privilege, blessing, and gift to have the means to provide and partake in a beautiful dinner with and for my family, and for that I give tremendous thanks.  I believe it is also why this tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving continues to live on!  Not because we are a bunch of gluttons, but because we are thankful for what we have, and there is not much better in life than coming together to share a meal with the ones we love.

That said, let us remember that this is a time to ENJOY family, friends, fellowship, AND food.  We can all eat well, be fit, and be happy.  A few things to remember:

Enjoy the food being served.  

Give yourself permission to eat the food.  

Pay attention (be mindful) while you eat it. 

Eat slowly, savor and taste the meal. 

There is no reason to feel guilty or to feel badly about partaking. 

When you begin to feel full, know that you can have leftovers tomorrow.  There is no reason to try and fit it all in today. 

Another common dieting trap…”Indulge today as it is a special occasion and is acceptable, but tomorrow I am back to the diet and can’t eat this again.”  When this is your mindset, YOU WILL OVEREAT, feel full and miserable, and perpetuate feelings of low self worth and failure.

All foods can fit on any day of the year.  So try to pace yourself on Thursday with full understanding that the leftovers will taste even better tomorrow (especially when the meal didn’t make you sick on the first go round!). 

And even if you do get full and over- stuffed, don’t let that wreck your mood.  You are not ruined, and you are certainly in good company!  It is very natural to over-consume foods that we not only love because they are delicious, but we also love because of  the way they make us feel, and the feelings of nostalgia that they give us.

It is okay, you are okay, and I am so thankful for those of you who take the time to read my blog!  Gobble Gobble…Oh and that reminds me…Go Hokies!!!!