January 30th… Excellent!  Time to decide on what our new habit for February is going to be.  Now remember, we haven’t put in a full 30 days for January yet, since we started a few days late.  So beginning Wednesday, we have two things for a week.  I think we are up for the challenge. 

The meal planning thing…a total pain in the butt, and seriously cramping my style (dinners out and cheese and crackers…yum, when I can’t get dinner on table).  However, having the plan, has been really awesome! 

It has freed up so much head space, and a constant underlying nuisance to my day. 

“What should I fix for dinner?  Who’s going to be home?  What did we already have this week?  No, but I don’t feel like chicken.  Oh, but I don’t have any bell peppers?  That sounds good, but the kids won’t eat it.  That would have been good if I’d soaked the beans last night.  Shoot, why didn’t I put “X” in the crock pot.”

I mean, it goes on and on and on…

And if you can’t relate, then you are either already planning ahead like the excellent diva or devo (? Masculine version?) that you are, or you eat out WAY more than me!  Which frankly sounds delicious, lovely, AND like serious coin!

Anyway, the meal planning has been valuable, and I do intend to keep it up.  It has also inadvertently pushed me into trying more new recipes than usual, and I have found some real keepers.  Now, for the rest of you, my advice would be to assess if your new habit is adding value.  If so, then see if you can hang on to it while you pull in another new and beneficial addition to your already full life!  If not, drop it, and pick something new to try out in February (or tomorrow since Feb only has 29 days).

Alright, so for February, my new endeavor is going to be a real pill for me, and I am NOT looking forward to it.  Nor am I real thrilled about doing it at all.  BUT, it really has to be done.  AND, I cannot promise that this one will take for the rest of the year…way to set a positive tone huh. 

Beginning tomorrow, I will track every dollar spent and will record all expenses in my excel spreadsheet before going to bed.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  I hate that, and I am going to cry everyday, and spit, and yell obscenities, and definitely fall off the wagon and have to go on a shopping spree, and then have to record it all.  #$@%&$#!

Now that we have that all out there…hmmm…