Do 15 Burpees (with the push up), 15 Squats, and 30 seconds of a plank each day!  If this is so yesterday’s fitness for you then do these three activities in a reverse ladder starting with 15!  That means, do 15 burpees, then 15 squats, then 15 seconds of plank, then do 14 of each, then 13, and so forth.  If that doesn’t kick your butt then just tune back in next week for another nutrition challenge J

Below is a link that I came across with a quick 1 minute youtube video of how to properly do a burpee.

Next is a video for a proper squat.

And here is a plank.

So there are tons of ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, and even more choices of what you can do.  I think that it is also too easy to get caught up in doing what’s in our comfort zone as our standard exercise, and not moving outside the box. 

“Oh I should try the elliptical machine at the gym this morning…well, not sure how to set the gage, I’ll just stick to the treadmill.”  “I should really do some weight training…ahh, don’t feel like going to the gym, I’ll just do my regular run.”

However, we know that we really have to mix it up in so many different ways in order to truly build totally body fitness, endurance, and metabolic efficiency.  In terms of well rounded physical fitness I also don’t think that there is a true hierarchy of which forms of exercise are the best.  I would lean more towards the camp of the person who does the biggest variety of physical activities on a regular basis wins that prize!

It feels like such a slap in the face that I can go for an 18 mile run without feeling any soreness the next day, but then go for a 3 mile walk and have sore calves!  Wat wat??  Yes, it’s true.  First off, we use different muscles, and secondly we build up an endurance for the activities that we do regularly. 

This leads me to the purpose of our challenge for this week.  Not only are these great exercises that anyone can do at home, they also target a lot of different muscle groups including your heart, and they might be something new to add to your repertoire!  I hope they make you sore!  And if they don’t then tack on some more repetitions J