It is very tempting in the new year to set lofty goals, and lots of them.  I want to encourage you to set more manageable goals even though they may feel quite minimal or boring.  I know, it is much more fun to get all set up with big goals and the motivation to make it happen.  But unfortunately that can be so overwhelming many times, that in two weeks time we have let almost all the goals go, along with our motivation to do anything!

Let’s concentrate on making smaller changes a little bit at a time, and increase our odds of having them stick!

So, while two servings of fruit isn’t the end product of where we want to be with fruit intake, it is a great goal to get us thinking more about eating it each day. 

What is a “serving of fruit” technically?  We’re going to go with the classification that is used for diabetes education, and one serving will have 15 grams of carbohydrate and 60 calories.

Following are some examples:

Fresh, canned, or frozen fruit

(no sugar added)                         ½ cup

Dried fruit                                  ¼ cup

Apple, raw (2 inches across)          1

Banana, medium                          ½

Berries                                                ¾ to 1 cup

Cantaloupe                                  1 cup

Cherries; raw (large)                    12

Grapefruit, médium                      ½

Grapes, small                              15

Orange (2 ½ inches across)           1

Peach or pear (2 ¾ inches)            1

Pineapple, fresh                           ¾ cup

Raisins                                       2 tablespoons

Apple, orange, grapefruit juice       ½ cup

Cranberry, grape, prune juice        1/3 cup