For some of you, I just gave you the week off from a challenge, since you don’t weigh anyway.  For others, I know you are saying “WHAT!”, but I have to weigh.

It is really not necessary to weigh daily, or even weekly for that matter.  I personally don’t weigh myself at all, and get weighed only once or twice a year at the doctor’s office.   I think I am more content with myself for it too.

There are much more motivating and helpful ways to gage our health journey than by weighing ourselves.  In fact, weighing is not an accountability tool, but rather a guilt tool, and guilt is NOT an effective motivator.  Emotionally berating ourselves is never going to end well.

Some may argue that if they know they are going to weigh, then they will avoid eating “fill in the blank”.  And maybe that works here and there, but ultimately that does not work long term as a successful tool for the large majority of people.  In fact, most of the time it will do the opposite of what is intended! 

Food is a huge comfort, as it should be, but it is not supposed to be a drug.  For many people the emotional crutch that food offers has gotten out of control, and if they are trying to lose weight, then that issue must be addressed and worked on.  If that is the case, then every time that person gets on the scale (until they reach their goal weight, which could be a ways off), then they have the potential to feel badly about themselves, guilty for assuming they didn’t do well enough on their diet, ashamed because they always fail, etc.  How does Said person deal with negative emotions…you got it, eat something to comfort self, and then feel even worse.  Cycle continues.

True story that illustrates yet another negative consequence of daily weighing.  I told a friend how cute she looked one day, and this is what she said to me. 

“Yeah, I thought I looked really cute this morning too, and was feeling good about myself in my new outfit.  I felt so cute, I decided to go weigh myself, because surely I was down a couple pounds, which would account for why I look good and feel so happy.  Well, my weight was actually up over yesterday and now I just feel fat and pissed”.

WOW!  The power of a number that on a day to day basis means nothing.  Weight can and does easily fluctuate 5-7 pounds in a day.  And just because you weigh at the same time each day does not mean much.  So many things affect a daily weight, but aside from that, it really has the power to do more harm than good when trying to work on a healthier lifestyle. 

If you are taking my weekly challenge and truly working on improving your health and wellness by making small changes that stick over time, then weighing is not for you! 

If, however,  you are tackling your health and weight “Biggest Loser” style, then weighing may be needed more often, and  takes on a whole new meaning anyway.

Enjoy yourself and your cuteness this week! Don’t weigh yourself!