If you have noticed, all of the challenges that I have posed thus far have revolved either around adding good things to your life or tracking and assessing current habits and patterns.  I am hesitant to give a challenge that says to eliminate certain foods, not because I don’t think that there are things worth eliminating, but because ultimately I believe that if enough good stuff comes into your life, the poor stuff will be displaced.

Does that sound like I am riding the fence?  I am a little, because I also hesitate to blanket eliminate if I have not spent time with you personally and assessed your individual needs and history.  Not that I am going to do an assessment and conclude that, for example, unlike for the rest of the population smoking is actually good for YOU.  It’s more like that I prefer tackling elimination diets/tips in different ways depending upon lots of individual factors.  Because…we are all different and we have different baggage!  There is a LOT of psychology to food and eating, and certain things need kid gloves, and the last thing I want to do is to mess anyone up further…I mean really!


Non-nutritive calories:  An energy source that has no other nutritive value outside of providing pure calories.  Primary example:  Sodas!  Other examples:  Sugary candy, frosting, junk food!

The way that I explain this to children when I am speaking to them about nutrition is that these foods usually taste super yummy and will fill your belly, but they don’t have anything in them that will help you be healthy, build your bones, and grow strong.  So if you fill up on soda and candy then there won’t be enough room in your belly for the foods that make you healthy and strong.

Now for the adults…these sugar foods that add zero health benefits to your diet do however add a few things if eaten in excess…Midsection fat, elevated insulin, high triglycerides, less bone density…to name a few.

Unfortunately the bad news just keeps coming in the research related to highly processed and sugary foods.  So moderation really is advised.  This same advice goes for :

Artificial sweeteners:  They are infiltrating into so many more foods and drinks than ever before, and the research coming out is not inspiring.  Yet another good time to employ moderation.

Just be aware, take a look, and eat more fruits and veggies!!!