Eating breakfast is a fantastically important part of overall wellness because it’s contributions stretch across so many areas of our life.  Incorporating a good dose of protein in your breakfast will just give it more power, and assurance that it will provide the benefits as advertised!

      Breakfast is a powerful key to keeping well and fit by metabolism standards (for more detail about metabolism and breakfast see my blog entry from October 24, 2011) . It will boost your metabolism and you will burn more calories.

      It is also a powerful key looking at nutrition standards, because, traditionally speaking, breakfast offers a lot of healthy, well rounded choices. It is a perfect time to get a great dose of fiber, fruit, protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats! 

      Protein and fat slow the rate that our stomach empties and thereby keeps us feeling satisfied longer.  Incorporating a solid protein source with breakfast allows us to feel comfortable until lunch time, which in turn makes it easier to make well rounded lunch choices.  When we are over hungry our natural instinct is to reach for high fat, high sugar…high satiety foods!

      A well rounded solid breakfast helps us all cognitively, not just children…although it is imperative that children have a good breakfast daily for even more reasons.

      Breakfast will improve your mood, and decrease chances of irritability caused by low and fluctuating blood sugars. People will like you more J


If you don’t do it already, I am highly encouraging you to make every effort to include breakfast every day. 


Begin thinking about how you might make that happen right now.  Consider when and how to make it happen, and what you might choose to eat. 


It can even be in two parts…have a quick something at home, and then take something portable for in the car or a little later while carrying on with your morning.


Make this part of your routine, and see all the value it adds to your life.  Keep it up, and soon you won’t be able to go without it!