Figuring out ways to include more fruits and vegetables in my daily diet is a constant work in progress.  Then to be the primary meal preparer and in charge of all things good and healthy going into four other people’s bodies, the pressure is really on! 

It may seem like other people eat so well and have it all together, but I am here to tell you that it just is not the case!   In my experience talking to MANY people about food (as a dietitian it kind of comes up A LOT, even in non-work related conversations) I have found that most of us are struggling with the same junk!

Even all those wise guys that brag on how much they LOVE vegetables and ALWAYS have huge delicious salads and grilled veggies with every meal…they exaggerate.  In their moments of weakness they too divulge the same secret struggle that we all have…time and money, money and time.  No matter how you cut it and how well prepared you are, if you fail in your plan, it is almost always because of one or both of those things.  AND IT IS OKAY!!!

Why do we think that if we are not perfect in all that we do, then we have failed?  We know in our heads that failure is part of life and more importantly, part of success (so failure is not all that bad anyway), but to the point… falling short of perfection ISN’T FAILURE anyway!  However, somehow when we actually fall short of perfection, as is life, we are surprised and disappointed in ourselves.

Unfortunately, it seems that this lesson is particularly difficult for American’s today when the subject of our less than perfect selves is FOOD.  Even if we have finally given ourselves some leeway in other areas of our life, nothing short of perfection will do when it comes to food. 

This is ridiculous!  We will always be working with checks and balances.  When things don’t go just right with our eating plan, then the correct plan of action is to just carry on.  The incorrect plan of action is to just blow it all up (because we weren’t perfect) and start again in a few weeks once we are past all the current “life difficulties”.  There will always be current life difficulties and so food and our eating patterns must be able to fluctuate with them.

Anyway…back to vegetables!  They are great for us and do great things, so the challenge this week is to help us think of a new way to prepare a vegetable.  And who knows, maybe you will discover a new favorite veggie dish, and you will be the wise guy bragging on your love affair with the almighty vegetable.