So, I really should have gotten this out to you yesterday, but well, I didn’t…so I guess we are off the hook for one day of planning!

Some people do this really really well, but I am not one of them.  Planning the evening meals for my family might just be the bane of my existence at this point in my life.  It is torture and I hate it!  I can never make everyone happy, and listening to complaining after all I went through to get dinner prepared for a family of five makes me crazy!  I mean even when the plan is to order pizza for dinner, I have one that whines, “but I don’t like pizza”.  Really? How is that possible?  All kids like pizza!  Are you feelin’ me yet?  I detest the whole process.

BUT, I also think that it is one of the most basic, important, and effective ways to be eating a well-rounded diet.   So, this is always included in any goals that I ever set for myself, because I’m always falling off the wagon.  I mean really, you would think I would just do it for heaven’s sake, but life happens.  When things get crazy, it is really easy to drop the thing that you hate the most!

Okay, so this is what my goal looks like right now:


Plan dinners for the week ahead of time.

Action Steps:

1.    Look at the coming weeks schedule every Sunday morning and decide which nights we are eating in.

2.    Plan to cook meals at least 3 nights and decide on menus.

3.    Create grocery list and decide when to shop for food.

As you can see, I am not planning to COOK all the meals, but I have a plan for which days that I am cooking, and a plan for the days I am not.

By planning meals, I mean taking a look at what is feasible in the coming week, and then setting yourself up for how to accomplish it.

It does me absolutely no good to plan to have salmon, risotto, and fresh zucchini for dinner on Tuesday night if I can’t get to the grocery store until Wednesday.  So maybe Tuesday night has to be frozen tilapia, canned or frozen vegetable, and whatever fruit and grain is on hand.  OR Tuesday is to order pizza (whether the 4 year old likes it not!).

Now the weekly challenge for this week is to plan ONE of your meals each day this week.  Dinner may not be your problem area, maybe it is breakfast or lunch.  So look at where you end up just grabbing whatever or skipping the meal altogether, and work on making a plan for that particular meal. 

If it is lunch, you may take a look at your schedule and realize that you are on the road for two lunches this week, and it is going to be the McDonald’s at exit 25.  But the other three days you can plan a couple sack lunches and/or a particular restaurant with a variety of choices.

Somehow the plan just really helps.  Now it doesn’t always work out as planned, and that is okay too.  Chances are you are still a couple steps ahead, than if you didn’t plan anything at all!

Good luck this week and happy planning!