This challenge is not necessarily to push you to do more, although it may.  It is not to make you feel badly about what you are or are not doing, and don’t let it!  It is designed to make you aware of the reality.  It may also help you to plan this week’s exercise if you know you have to write it down.

For some people it can be monumentally motivating to see what you are accomplishing on a weekly basis.  For example: for runners, it may not seem like much to put in a few miles each day, but to look at your total mileage at the end of the week and see that you hit 18 miles of pavement…nice!  Or, for an exercise class attendee, yoga today, boot camp tomorrow, zumba here or there, and you look back at your calendar and realize you hit 6 classes this week…wow!

I think that having our exercise recorded can also be a real tool for understanding our appetite.  Sometimes we wonder why we can’t seem to get enough to eat…we feel like a bottomless pit.  Then by taking a look at your exercise schedule you may notice that you were really active a few days in a row, or did activities that you don’t normally do.  Yes, you are hungry, because your body was working hard!  Instead of trying to resist eating when you are truly hungry, you realize it is a necessary fuel for an energized and active body!

Remember, doing something is better than doing nothing.  If you can’t do the hour long workout you had planned, but do have time for a 10 minute walk…do it! 

It all adds up, and doing a little something NOW is always better than waiting for perfection LATER.

Happy Presidents Day!