There are so many different options, and you may find your new passion or something that you are really fantastic at and never knew it!  You can go through a plethora of different venues for your fitness challenge… from the YMCA, to a local gym, or a neighborhood personal trainer, just to name a few.  You don’t have to make a year-long commitment at a gym either, your community most likely offers “a la carte” classes you can take in whatever activity interests you.  Lots of times you can find groupons for various activities as well. 

Some examples:

Yoga at local studios or with individuals

Ice Skating lessons at a local ice complex

Circuit training with group or personal trainer

Pure Barre – workout using ballet bar…no ballet experience necessary

Running program – train for an upcoming race.

Bicycle group or Spin class

Boot Camp style classes – this will jump start your metabolism.

Tennis drills designed as a workout – look at local tennis center

Zumba – tighten your core while dancing to fast, fun music

Swim during an open swim time at local Natatorium or take a water workout class

Pilates at local studios or with individuals


You get the idea…go out and find something fun and challenging and good for your body!

Send me a tweet to @JulieSatterfeal with a #weeklychallengecomplete, and let me know the fitness activity you have signed up for!