An affirmation is something that you declare to be true, or something you want to be true.  But by declaring it in the present tense somehow you are helping that reality along.

There is so much research on the power of our thoughts and the messages that we give ourselves, and how those messages correlate to our happiness.  I am not an expert in that field or in that research, but I am a very strong believer in the power of positive thoughts.  It is a never-ending well of life-giving water.  We can change, for the better, the outcomes of numerous situations by the way we think about it.  The Little Engine That Could had it right…I think I can, I think I can.

In our fast paced world of super savvy technology, space travel, genius bio-chemists’ creating disease cures and the such…such a simple act of thinking positive thoughts to solve big issues seems almost simple-minded. 

And unfortunately, it is probably that attitude that prevents many of us from taking such simple steps to help ourselves along.  It doesn’t seem like enough…big enough, hard enough, powerful enough.  All too often we choose, go big or go home.  And while I love that concept for certain things, it may not be the best strategy to institute in all scenarios!

So, here are a few examples of positive affirmations.  Pick one of these or write your own.  Try it! And use it in a loving way, not as a way to admonish yourself or in sarcasm…Yes, I know how easily those negative thoughts can work their way in when we feel defeated.  Perfection is not a requirement for a happy and healthy life, which is good since it’s not possible J

My thoughts are under my control

My body is healthy and gets me where I need to go

I have a lot of energy

I give my body foods that are beneficial for my body

I am strong and tenacious

I am successful in my life

I create positive habits in my life

I give my body enough rest and exercise

I am not perfect and that is alright

I drink lots of water

I pay attention while I eat

I give myself permission to eat