Wellness Bootcamp – Eat Well. Stay Fit. Be Real

Facilitating Lifelong Wellness and Freedom from Diets



Introduction and Objectives for this course:

To provide a foundation for a healthy lifestyle by giving participants accurate and up to date nutrition and fitness information, and facilitating the creation and completion of measurable wellness goals.

Personal Wellness Philosophy:

To truly live a healthy lifestyle while also enjoying life. We each have to individually find a place that is real and manageable within the scope of our lives.  We must balance what we love about life with what we need to stay healthy and active.


Nutrition Concepts to Cover

Calories, Fat, and Protein – In versus out and roles they play

Diet Myths and how they get attention

Metabolism – Breakdown components and how it works (basal, food, activity)

Food Choices – Moderate and well rounded, but flexible according to each individual and their lifestyle.

Water, Fiber, Vitamins/Minerals, Phytonutrients, Electrolytes – facts, how much, and how

Permission to Eat – Why and how. Unlearn “diet” mentality

Convenience foods – Bars, shakes, fruit – when and why

Planning ahead – Month of meals, satisfying meals, planning for imperfection

Food Journaling

Food related diseases, disorders, and intolerances – Will choose what to cover with relevance to participants.

Sports nutrition – Concepts with relevance to participants



Fitness Concepts to Cover

Commitment to daily exercise- ideas and resources for what form that will take.

Accountability – who and what will get you there.  Justifications can easily sabotage efforts without accountability.

Setting goals

Diversify activities- to bypass boredom, to diversify endurance, and to be healthier

Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Self talk – It’s a mental thing!